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The Grand Dam
Few structures in America display the diversity of design and craftsmanship that you see at Hoover Dam. It is a showcase of seldom-seen skills of artists and artisans--beautifully presented terrazzo tiles, sculpture, metalwork, and even military emplacements. Read Full Article

LEED Points Possible

Terrazzo has long been valued for its life cycle characteristics: low maintenance, durability, and indoor air quality - with recycled content being an additional attractive feature. Terrazzo aggregates, binders and finished flooring systems can contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) credits, under the LEED-NC rating system, version 2.2. The following analysis was performed by Michael A. Kawecki, LEED AP, USGBC North Texas Chapter:
MRcr1.3 Building Reuse Credit (1 point possible)
Terrazzo floors typically last the life of the structure. In many renovation projects, the original terrazzo flooring has been restored to its original luster following some inexpensive repairs and refinishing. Refinishing of terrazzo can be combined with the reuse of other non-shell areas like walls, doors, and ceiling systems to achieve 50% reuse.
MRcr4.1 and 4.2 Recycled Content Credit (2 points possible)
Terrazzo allows for easy incorporation of recycled glass, as well as stone or marble that has been salvaged from other buildings and re-crushed and sieved for the terrazzo trade. One point is granted for 10% recycled content and a second point for an additional 10% (20% total) of the total value of the materials on the project. A floor containing 100% recycled glass would contain as much as 75% by volume of recycled product. Aluminum strips may also contain recycled metal. The credit is based on the dollar value of the raw material.
MRcr5.1 and 5.2 Local Regional Materials Credit (2 points possible)
One point is awarded if 10% of the project building materials is extracted, harvested or recovered, as well as manufactured within a 500-mile radius of the project and the calculation is based on the cost of the raw materials. The marble chips, glass aggregate, as well as the cement and epoxy binders are available throughout the United States. Terrazzo can contribute to the credit if the raw material supplier is located within 500 miles of the project site. A second point is awarded if the total percentage of the cost of regional materials is at least 20%.
MRcr2.1 and 2.2 Construction Waste Management Credit (1 to 2 points)
Terrazzo can be a part of the construction waste management team and assist in the reclamation of waste from the construction process. In projects that require demolition of existing structures, the terrazzo contractor can be part of the construction waste management team - reclaiming aggregate and thereby avoiding disposal into the landfill. If desired, the salvaged aggregate can potentially be used in the flooring of the new building project.
EQcr4.1 Indoor Emitting Materials Credit 4.1 or 4.2 (1 point possible)
Cement based terrazzo systems are inorganic binders containing no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). The epoxy manufacturers of thin set epoxy terrazzo systems have moved to 100% solid formulas, eliminating the addition of any VOC's in the material. Certification of compliance may be obtained from the individual epoxy manufacturer.
IDcr1 Innovative Design Credit (1 point)
Terrazzo can also potentially gain additional points under the Innovation and Design category for innovative performance in Green Building categories not specifically addressed by LEED. Extensive use of terrazzo as a predominant floor material can potentially result in an installation with a Life Cycle Analysis that exceeds that of other floor materials.

Overall, on typical projects, terrazzo can realistically contribute to five LEED credits: MRcr4 (2), MRcr5 (2) EQcr4.1(1). On a case-by-case scenario, terrazzo may also be able to contribute to MRcr1.3 (1), and in extreme cases Idcr1 (1) and MRcr2 (1), for a total of 8 points.

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